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Alloy Verification - PMI
Alloy Verification using a Niton XRF Analyser
Alloy Verification - PMI

Niton - GAMMAX Alloy VerificationIn the process of Alloy Verification the Niton XLt 898 is the ideal tool for performing Alloy Verification/PMI. It's based on the principle of x-ray fluorescence.


The atoms in the sample under inspection are excited by the x-rays and the fluorescence, which is re-emitted from the sample is measured. From this, the elements are quickly determined as well are their relative concentrations.


The Niton XLt 898 can determine 22 elements including Chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum, Iron, Titanium and Manganese. We have a large number of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)which we use to ensure that the machine is giving accurate results. They have been manufactured by the Analytical Reference Materials International (ARMI) company and therefore our customers can be satisfied that they are receiving accurate data.
At Gammax we use Niton XLt 898 for testing high quality valves, for use in the Petro-Chemical Industry, Stainless Steel fittings for use in off-shore oil production and high alloy material for use in pressure vessels.


Once the inspection is completed, the data is up loaded on to the PC. It is then transferred, via an Excel spreadsheet to the customer’s report thus eliminating any mistakes that could be caused by manually transferring the data. All reports are then digitally signed, using a secure medium and Emailed immediately to the customer.

Alloy Verification - PMI Alloy Verification - PMI Alloy Verification - PMI
Alloy Verification - PMI
Alloy Verification - PMI Alloy Verification - PMI